Thermomix TM6: two new features that will simplify cooking

If you have just treated yourself to a Thermomix TM6 by taking advantage of the great offer concocted for Black Friday, here are already some new features to try. Long-time users will of course also be able to benefit from it, since Vorwerk has just rolled out an update for its latest multifunction food processor: the Thermomix TM6. She brings her system to version 3.7, providing two new features along the way.

Thanks to this update, the Thermomix TM6 first gains a timer. It was of course possible so far to program the automatic termination of a task, but this timer is inserted into a drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard. It is therefore accessible at all times. It is also independent of any task in progress and can operate in the background, to remind for example the end of rest of a dough. The drop-down menu also leaves the possibility of launching several timers if necessary, and also offers an overview of the current settings if the robot is ever at work.

In addition to this timer, the TM6 software version 3.7 also brings a new automatic mode: Chop. Since the device is already equipped with a knife, this mode does not require a new accessory. It was already possible to chop food with the Thermomix by manually adjusting the speed of rotation of the knife, but the new automatic mode should facilitate the settings: the user only has to choose a type of food and the level of fineness desired at the end of the chopping.

Vorwerk’s new robot update has already been rolled out, so should be available to download as soon as it turns on.

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