There probably won’t be an iPhone SE 4 in 2024

For those who have followed the market closely in recent months, this is not entirely a surprise. Last December, the launch of the future “affordable” iPhone already seemed compromised for the same reasons. Entry-level “headed” phones, be it the iPhone SE 2022, the iPhone 13 Mini or the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus don’t seem to be unleashing the crowds. The interest of releasing a new phone in this price range therefore seems questionable for the manufacturer.

Qualcomm in heaven

If the situation is annoying for Apple and for fans of the SE lineage, it delights at least one company: Qualcomm. The American chipmaker indeed supplies the modems for the current iPhones. Apple, wanting to get rid of this technical dependence for one of the critical aspects of its mobile, had started to develop its own modem and wanted to test it in the next iPhone SE. But without an iPhone SE, there’s no test mobile for the new coin, which means Apple isn’t likely to get rid of Qualcomm anytime soon.

If the next iPhone SE is therefore unlikely to be released in 2024, this does not necessarily mean that it will never be released. Apple waited 4 years between the releases of the first two models. It is therefore possible that the firm is just waiting for a more favorable moment to bring the range back to center stage.

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