There is no stop: Loud women’s scandal in the France team – Football world – World Cup

The wife of the reserve goalkeeper of France Alphonse Areola – Marion Vallet, attacked the wife of the holder of this post Hugo Lloris.

She did not hide her dislike for Marin Lloris, which arose after her husband’s transfer to the Island.

Alphonse, 29, joined West Ham on loan in 2021 and officially became a Hammers player this summer. The 35-year-old Lloris 35 has been keeping for Tottenham for a decade now.

When Marion and her three daughters Eileen, Aima and Iva moved to London, she sought contact with Marin. In a chat with fans on Instagram, Areola’s partner was asked if the two get along.

“Not at all! For the simple reason that this is a person who will only come to talk to you out of interest. When I arrived she didn’t consider me alive at all and didn’t even greet me. And suddenly a year ago, when she found out I was friends with influential people in London, I got a message from her. I didn’t answer because I can’t stand people like that.”

Marion remembers the moment when Alphonse’s mother asked to take a picture with the two goalkeepers of France.

“Then Marin behaved disrespectfully. This environment is very hypocritical and the further away I am from all that, the better off I am,” assured Marion, 34, who did, however, have good words for Melanie Martial and Isabelle Matuidi.

“I talk to Camille Varane from time to time, otherwise I don’t get along with the others at all,” admitted Areola’s partner.

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