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The match between Levski and Botev (Plovdiv) will certainly be played in front of fans, claims “Mach Telegraf”, which has made a large-scale investigation into the matter. It is expected that on Tuesday the Appellate Commission to the BFS will refer itself and drastically reduce the punishment of the “blues”.

We remind you that the Disciplinary Commission punished Levski with a match without an audience because of the offenses of the agitator in the derby with CSKA. On the other hand, “Gerena” reacted instantly and called on the supporters to fill the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium for the match with Botev, despite the punishment. Separately, the “blues” also raised many questions about “their 40-year friendship with the president of the football center Borislav Mihailov”.

48 hours after these events, it is clear for sure that one way or another there will be fans of Levski in the stadium. Most likely, the Appellate Commission will close only sector 5 of “Gerena”, where fans from “Ultras Levski” are generally accommodated. It is also possible that the entire “A” sector will be closed for the match, because it is from there that the pirate who hit the CSKA masseur took off. Sectors “B”, “C” and “D” will remain open to fans, however.

However, there is also a small chance that the Appellate Commission will not self-refer, as it did some time ago for a two-game suspension of Lokomotiv (Plovdiv), which was overturned. If this happens, the leftists are determined to let their fans go and fill “Gerena” for the battle with the “canaries”. The absurdity is that in the disciplinary regulations of the BFS there is no penalty for non-compliance with this penalty. Such a case is not affected at all. The lawyers of “Gerena” thoroughly reviewed the laws of the headquarters and came to the conclusion that they can be fined 2,000 BGN if they let their supporters into the stands. The amount is tiny against the background of the expected revenue of about BGN 200,000 from tickets, so they are ready to pay Gerena even triple the amount…

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