The world’s richest tennis player has demanded equal pay with men

World #3 Jessica Pegula, who is the richest tennis player in the world, has raised her voice on a well-known topic of late – the pay of women and men in professional sports. The American is the daughter of Terry Pegula, a billionaire who owns several professional sports teams, including the Buffalo Bills (NFL) and the Buffalo Sabers (NHL).

The tennis player, of course, has the nickname “richest” because of her father’s fortune, not because of the money earned from the game.

Pegula’s position became clear in Netflix’s new tennis reality series Break Point.

“I’ve played in more than one tournament that runs parallel to the men, and I’ve always made significantly less money. And I’ve even had random people tell me – ‘Damn, you won this tournament, and the men get so much more than you’. That’s complete bullshit,” Pegula says in the series.

However, Pegula’s displeasure seems misplaced, at least as far as Grand Slam tournaments are concerned. There, the pay is the same, as at the Australian Open, both the ladies and the men-winners will earn nearly 2.6 million euros each.

The 27-year-old American has two titles in her career, and her best Grand Slam performance is the quarterfinals, in Australia, France and the United States, respectively.

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