The world has changed! Scientists with historic breakthrough in nuclear synth…

A major breakthrough was announced by American scientists in the race to create nuclear fusion technology, the BBC reports.

Physicists have pursued this goal for decades because it promises a potential source of virtually unlimited clean energy.

On Tuesday, scientists confirmed that they have broken a major barrier – producing more energy in a nuclear fusion experiment than they fed.

The experiment was conducted at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

“This is a historic achievement … over the past 60 years, thousands of scientists have contributed to this endeavor, and it took real vision to get here,” commented lab director Dr. Kim Budill.

Nuclear fusion is the “holy grail” of energy production. This is the process that powers the Sun and other stars.

It works by combining pairs of light atoms into a heavier one, and this “fusion” releases a huge amount of energy. The process is the opposite of nuclear fission, where heavy atoms are split apart, used in modern nuclear power plants.

Nuclear fusion can produce much more energy at the expense of very small amounts of short-lived radioactive waste.

But until now, the process required such high temperature and pressure that, in practice, the energy required was greater than that obtained.

The amount of energy generated in the last experiment is small – enough to heat several kettles of water. But the scientific breakthrough is huge.

It is a step towards a world without energy problems, powered by fusion.

Now the experiment is to be repeated, and the technology needs to be significantly refined before it reaches ordinary users.

This experiment costs billions of dollars. But the promise of a clean energy source is a strong incentive to overcome the challenges.


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