The women’s No. 1 iron beat the aces of men’s tennis in terms of revenue

A woman tops tennis prize money for 2022, is the surprising tally ahead of the year’s final Grand Slam tournament.

The US Open competition begins on August 29.

Iga ┼áviontek topped the sport’s rankings for prize money income for the calendar year, with her bank account increasing by $6.64 million.

Behind the Pole are four aces from men’s tennis – Rafael Nadal (6.42 million), Carlos Alcaraz (4.76), Novak Djokovic (4.23) and Stefanos Tsitsipas (4.16).

Iga is having an incredible 2022, having already won 6 titles, four of which are from the WTA 1000 series (similar to the men’s Masters), and one from Roland Garros.

She enters the US Open as the favorite and current No. 1 in the women’s rankings.

The last time at the end of a tennis season a woman was the first in terms of money was 19 years ago. Then Kim Clijsters earned 4.5 million dollars on the court, and Roger Federer remained second with 4 million.

Even in the Serena Williams era, the American legend and trophy and money machine couldn’t outrun the men.

If she wins in New York, Iga will almost certainly be first at the end of the year by this indicator – 2.6 million dollars will be added to the amount so far.

It is the same for men, where Nadal is one of the favorites.

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