The wife of rape accusations Alves denied him

Dani Alves’ wife Joanna Sanz has apparently disowned him after the famous footballer was arrested on rape charges.

The Spanish model removed most of the joint photos of the two husbands on Instagram after expressing her pain at what was happening in her life.

Immediately after the accusation, Joanna supported her husband and announced that she did not believe the accusations, but later serious evidence came out and the football player himself admitted his infidelity, although he still denies the accusation of rape.

Joanna Sanz has been with Alves since 2015 and is the player’s second wife after his short-lived marriage to Dinora Santana.

Recently, the model released an emotional message on social networks in which she revealed another personal tragedy – the death of her mother.

“I am asking the press standing outside my house to respect my personal space at this moment. My mother died a week ago, I just started to realize that she is gone, now I am tormented by the situation with my husband”.

“I’ve lost the only two pillars in my life, have some empathy instead of finding so much news in the pain of others. Thanks,” Joanna wrote.

Dani Alves is now behind bars in Barcelona after a young Spanish woman accused him of raping her in a nightclub toilet on December 30.

The footballer was not released on bail and is awaiting the investigation in prison, while more and more repulsive details of his actions are coming to light.

The victim refused compensation and explained that she was simply seeking justice, and the cameras in the club and the biological samples taken confirmed her claims.

Alves got caught up in lying to the police and according to the media he gave three different statements.

First, he publicly stated that he did not know the victim at all, then he told investigators that he only saw her at the nightclub on the night in question, and finally, he said that the sexual act was consensual.

The star’s lawyer explained that Alves initially lied because he didn’t want his wife to find out about the infidelity.

Dani Alves' version of the rape allegations


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