The White House reacted sharply to the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

The White House has reacted strongly to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s words that the United States has assembled a coalition of European countries to solve the “Russian question” in the same way that Hitler wanted a “final solution” to exterminate the Jews of Europe, Reuters reported. .

“How dare he compare anything to the Holocaust. And a war that they themselves started,” White House spokesman for national security John Kirby said at a briefing, quoted by BTA.

Lavrov, who also stirred up spirits last year with a speech about Hitler, said that Washington is using the same tactics as Napoleon and the Nazis to subjugate Europe and destroy Russia.

Using Ukraine as a puppet, the minister said, “they are waging war against our country with the same task: a ‘final solution’ of the Russian question”.

“Just as Hitler wanted a ‘final solution’ to the Jewish question, now, if you read Western politicians, they clearly state that Russia must suffer a strategic defeat.”

The “Final Solution” was Hitler’s plan for the Holocaust, which led to the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews and other minorities.

Lavrov has caused outrage before with remarks about Hitler. In May last year, he claimed that the Nazi leader had “Jewish blood”, prompting sharp protests from Israel.

“It’s so ridiculous it’s not even worth commenting on — it’s extremely offensive. To try to compare us to Hitler and the Holocaust,” Kirby added to reporters.


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