The war between bTV and NOVA is heating up! Halvajian took a lucky…

The new TV season kicks off in February, and the battle for ratings will be fierce.
bTV for another year is betting on well-established and familiar formats, but with a new concept. Such will be the adventure rally Survivor. However, for the first time, it will be filmed on the example of Big Brother. The broadcast of the episodes almost coincides with the real time. The contestants will survive on an island in the Caribbean, and the motto of the seventh season is “Into Uncharted Waters.” Vladimir Karamazov will not be the presenter, because bTV has engaged a Turkish company, which is replacing Evtim Miloshev’s production company.

More anticipated than Survivor in the media airwaves is only the second season of The Bachelor. World-famous pianist Evgeni Genchev steps into the shoes of last year’s bachelor Viktor Stoyanov. The show was filmed in and around the Turkish resort of Bodrum. The presenter will be Naum Shopov. Even before the show has started, the name of the winner is already being whispered.

The cooking show “Masterchef” will again have its eighth season on btv. The media announced that filming will begin in the first quarter of 2023, but it is not yet clear whether it will be broadcast this spring or fall. The jury is kept in complete secrecy, but will have a brand new composition. It is rumored that the wife of former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov – Linda – will be included in it, but the rumors have not been confirmed. “Get Rich” with Mikhail Bilalov is also in the TV schedule.

Nova TV is also betting on a safe and favorite show. “Like two drops of water” from February will be on the screen again with its 11th season. Dimitar Rachkov and Gerasim Georgiev – Gero remain hosts of the entertainment show. The producer Maggi Halvadzhiyan had doubts whether to keep Yulian Vergov after the scandal with the beaten actress Diana Dimitrova. In the end, Halvajian decided that Vergov would continue to judge in the new season with Hilda Kazasian and Funky. The other big news is the return to the screen of the reality TV show about couples in love, One for Another. Its presenter for the fourth time will be former forecaster Emo Cholakov. The show will alternate on the TV airwaves together with the new season of hell’s kitchen with chef Viktor Angelov. The TV program will include the new Bulgarian comedy series entitled “My Very Man”.

BNT surprises with two new Bulgarian series – “Vina” by director Viktor Bozhinov and “The War of Letters” based on the novel of the same name by Lyudmila Filipova, “Retro” wrote.


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