The USA is waiting for Zhivkov’s “illegitimate” son to replace him on 11/10/1989

The Americans’ prediction is that before the party plenum, Tato will remove the people of the perestroika – Petar Mladenov and Georgi Atanasov

The first played with cards close to his chest, the embassy stated

November 10, 1989 could have been just another day on the calendar. Yes, then the Berlin Wall fell, but in Bulgaria things could have continued as before. Todor Zhivkov was warned by the Soviet ambassador that his remaining in office was undesirable, but the First had his own survival plan.

It is clear from new US documents that Zhivkov counted on the fact that the Great Powers were busy with Germany and he could once again “go through the cracks”.

Until another storm passes. At that time, France, the USA and Great Britain had a serious problem – they were against the fall of the Berlin Wall. An overly strong Germany could once again become a security threat and an unwelcome economic competitor.

In contrast, Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev have another game – unifying Germany and upsetting the balance of the world to open up a new position for Eastern Europe and the USSR – together in a new Europe in which a united Germany will dominate .

A few years before that, West Germany – mostly through Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauss – had been making the rounds of Eastern Bloc leaders and winning friends among the socialist leaders. Together with Zhivkov, Strauss plans a different transition for Bulgaria – the Bundestag approves a huge loan for the country, joint ventures are agreed, privatization is discussed and the most heretical idea – Zhivkov’s request for Bulgaria to be accepted into the European Economic Community.

There he would feel safe from his enemy Mikhail Gorbachev. The Soviet leader hates Zhivkov and does not hide it. He does not believe the old socialist leaders, his thesis is that they should be driven out so that there is democracy and everyone can freely express their opinion. For Gorbachev, everything starts with freedom, and he does not want to listen to theories about how the current cadres will carry out reforms.

Zhivkov is racing against time. Unfortunately, his friend and ally Strauss mysteriously dies – he boards his plane safely to leave Bulgaria, but an accident occurs in the sky and he dies a few days later. Many are still convinced that the problem was no accident and that Strauss was hated by the Soviet secret services. They considered him a hawk and a major threat to Moscow’s security.

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