The US blacklisted a Bulgarian company with headquarters in the center of Sofia

The American authorities today imposed full blocking sanctions on 22 individuals and companies from Bulgaria, Israel, Cyprus, Latvia and Singapore. These individuals and companies are linked to a network to circumvent already imposed sanctions and serve Russia’s military-industrial complexspecified by the US Treasury Department.

The companies placed on the blacklist announced today deal with computer equipment, defense developments, trade and construction.

More specifically for Bulgaria: the arms dealer Alexander Volfovich and the company managed by him U-STONE LIMITED (U-STONE LIMITED) were sanctioned.

Volfovich is a citizen of Cyprus and Israel and was born in 1961. According to US authorities, he is linked to arms dealer Igor Zimenkov.

The company U-STONE LIMITED, managed by Alexander Volfovich, is headquartered at: Sofia, Lyuben Karavelov Street 32, Apt. 4. It was registered on June 26, 2019.

According to the data in the commercial register, the company has a subject of activity “research, design, development, implementation and service of software, design, production and service of electronic and electronic computing equipment, production, consulting, intermediary and commercial activity and services, as well as any other activity not prohibited by law.”

Aleksandr Volfovich’s partner in U-STONE LIMITED is the Uzbek Max Borysovich Piflaks, born in 1962. Piflaks is also among the persons on whom the US authorities imposed full blocking sanctions.

Our actions are directed against a Russian sanctions avoidance network led by Russian-Cyprus-based arms dealer Igor Vladimirovich Zimenkov. Individuals in this network – the “Zymenkov network” – have been involved in projects related to the Russian military-industrial complex, including supplying a Russian company with high-tech devices after Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. writes in the press release of the US Department of the Treasury.


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