The US advised Zelensky to reconsider his goals, including Crimea

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, during his recent meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, suggested that he consider “realistic” positions in negotiations with Russia, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing diplomats.

According to the sources, Washington advised Kyiv to demonstrate openness to the very idea of ​​dialogue. “Two European diplomats familiar with the discussions said Sullivan advised Zelensky’s team to think about realistic demands and priorities in the negotiations, including revising the stated goal … of regaining control of Crimea,” the newspaper reported. .

According to the publication, a growing number of US officials believe that the coming weeks and months present an opportunity for Russia and Ukraine to discuss possible negotiations. Washington believes that the onset of winter could be a turning point in the conflict.

“With the prospect that Ukraine will not achieve significant victories on the battlefield in the coming weeks, US officials and some of their European counterparts have begun to question when society will begin … to demand a peaceful settlement,” the paper said, citing others media. As the publication also notes, the US and its allies are concerned that because of Kyiv’s support, their stockpiles of weapons are being depleted too quickly.


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