The upheaval surrounding Binotto related to Ferrari’s desire to keep Leclerc

Charles Leclerc and Mattia Binoto; photo: Ferrari

Matthias Binoto did not resign, and Ferrari did not announce that they released him today, whatever information emerged earlier Friday. Sky Sports Italia and Corriere della Sera have released reports that the Scuderia boss is leaving and official confirmation will emerge later today.

According to information from Italian journalists, Binoto had a normal working day in Maranello. Attended and chaired a project meeting for Ferrari’s 2023 car.

Word in Italy is that the team boss has lost the trust of company president John Elkann. However, Binotto himself explained in Abu Dhabi that together with Elkan have decided to publish a rebuttal to the previous wave of rumours. There was no official reaction today.

Some sources from Italy claim that The bino has lost Elkann’s trust even before the start of the 2022 season. The Ferrari president has refused the F1 team principal’s request to invite Jean Todt back to Maranello. The Frenchman was president of the FIA ​​until December 2021. Before that, he led the Scuderia during the period when the team won five consecutive titles with Michael Schumacher.

People in the know note that Binoto’s removal – even if it is presented as his resignation – is connected to the desire of Ferrari to keep Charles Leclerc

2023 will be key for the Monegasque and his relationship with the Scuderia. The start of 2022 was so good that Leclerc was expected to fight for the title. That didn’t happen, but the demands on Ferrari are different compared to most of the other teams on the grid.

In addition, it has recently been rumored that from Mercedes are showing serious interest in Leclerc. He himself stated that he wanted to race and win with the Scuderia, noting that 2024 is still a long way off. Another season like the one that just ended, however, could have a negative impact on Leclerc’s desire to fight for success with Ferrari.

Noted journalist Leo Turini noted one particular line from Leclerc after the race weekend in Brazil:

“I’ll make sure I’m in a position to fight for my goal.”

“The strategic mistakes in the first half of the season were one of the hardest things for the fans to swallow. “Leclerc’s struggle on hard tires at Silverstone, while Carlos Sainz on the new softs was flying to victory, was the moment when many expressed disagreement with the position that there should not be a first and second driver in the team,” Turini continued.

“The symbolic silver at the end of the championship will not inspire the fans. But it can and should be a starting point. As well as a new beginning. Let me explain. Carlos Sainz is a good driver. It fits the Ferrari perfectly. But if next year after a few races Leclerc leads the general classification again, then there shouldn’t be any doubts. We have to trust Charles,” Turini also commented.

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