The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom gets a third version without major changes


The end of summer is fast approaching, which does not prevent Ultimate Ears from reserving a portable speaker release for us. The manufacturer unveils the Wonderboom 3, a new version particularly uninspired by its predecessors…

Unlike some very prolific manufacturers, Ultimate Ears takes its time when it comes to renewing its flagship products. Three “long” years indeed separate the Wonderboom 2 from its brand new replacement announced today, the Wonderboom 3. Despite the time taken to release this third iteration, the manufacturer seems to have clearly lacked audacity, and the technical sheet feels it. The Wonderboom 3 does not have much to put on the table, evidenced first of all by its design, quite similar to the previous version. The speaker retains its two-tone appearance, its protective fabric grille and its rubbery coating, its small loop and, of course, its high resistance to water and dust (certified by an IP67 index). Swimming lovers will also be delighted to learn that it is still floating on the surface.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

Ultimate Ears plays, like other manufacturers, the ecology card by specifying that its speaker is made of 31% recycled plastic.

© Ultimate Ears

On the usage side, Ultimate Ears announces two changes: a greater communication range via Bluetooth (from 30 to 40 meters) and a slightly more generous usage time, of an additional hour (2 p.m. against 1 p.m. ). The rest of the characteristics have not changed (stereo pairing with a similar speaker remains, for example, part of the game), which is particularly regrettable since there was room for the Wonderboom to evolve: more complete controls , the integration of a mini-jack input or a hands-free kit or even support for multipoint connection would have been more than welcome. To drive the point home, the manufacturer remains fiercely (and strangely) attached to the micro-USB connector, while the majority of the market has adopted USB-C.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

There was also a non-negligible room for improvement possible in terms of sound performance, but nothing seems to indicate a change on this point with the new Wonderboom. This seems to keep the same acoustic design, for a restitution that wants to be homogeneous all around it.

The new Wonderboom 3 should hit the market at the end of August in four different colors (gray, pink, blue or black) at a price of €99. The manufacturer also took the opportunity to announce a version of its very large portable speaker, the Hyperboom, in a white color. She will land on September 9 of this year.

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