The Ukrainian army hit with HIMARS the building of the Kherson regional administration and the Court of Appeal

The armed forces of Ukraine hit with missiles the center of Kherson and the building of the regional administration in the city occupied by the pro-Russian government, TASS news agency reported, citing the deputy head of the regional administration Kiril Stremousov. “The administration has been hit. We are clarifying.” – Stremousov added. Local websites write that the strikes were carried out with HIMARS missiles.

The other deputy governor, Ekaterina Gubareva, posted a video on Telegram and said that the attack came at a time when a meeting of the heads of the occupation administrations from the city and municipal authorities was taking place. “I didn’t understand what happened… smoke, ringing in my ears. I came to when someone was pulling me in an unknown direction. As soon as the smoke rose, I realized that it was some young man who helped me out of the ruins. I’m alive, our workplace, we count our employees.” Gubareva also wrote. So far, it is known that among the dead is the driver of the head of the “Labor and Social Policy” department, Alla Barkhatnova, she herself was injured.

Eyewitnesses report at least five rockets in the area of ​​the seat of the occupying power. There have been killed and wounded, TASS adds, and shows a video showing thick plumes of smoke over the building of the courthouse in Kherson, more precisely the Court of Appeal, where the military commandant’s office and the headquarters of the civil-military regional administration were located after the occupation. Kherson Telegram channels reported that two of the floors of the building were destroyed.

Literally minutes after the reports of the attacks on Kherson, RIA Novosti also released information and a video about an explosion in Luhansk. According to the agency, a strong explosion occurred in the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the so-called LPR in the center of Luhansk. The area is cordoned off, according to preliminary data there are victims, reports the Russian agency. Local sources claim that the office of Prosecutor General Sergei Gorenko was destroyed in the strike. A little later, RIA Novosti confirmed the news and supplemented it with the information that Deputy Prosecutor General Ekaterina Steglenko was also killed in the explosion.

It is not yet known whether it was an attack from outside or the activation of an explosive device inside the building. Passers-by posted a video showing broken windows of offices from the front facade of the prosecutor’s office and strewn windows and objects in the space in front of the building, suggesting that the infernal machine may have been activated in the prosecutor’s office.

The correspondent of the Russian “Izvestia” in Lugansk, who lives a few hundred meters from the place of the explosion, said in a video that initially there was a noise, as from the demolition of construction materials. Only then did he notice the broken windows on the third floor of the prosecutor’s office building. The journalist also told an interesting detail that opposite Gorenko’s office is the court building, where since yesterday the trial against the associate of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Dmitry Sharbanov, accused of treason and espionage for the CIA, has been going on.


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