The Ukrainian army hit Denis Pushilin’s office in Donetsk with a precision strike

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have struck a direct hit against the separatist administration in the center of Donetsk, the Donetsk News Agency reported. The attack, during which at least 12 projectiles were fired, took place at noon on Tuesday. After the strikes, the building burst into flames. At the time of the strike, the separatist leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, was not in the building and was not injured. In Telegram, Pushilin blamed NATO for the strike, as according to him shells of the pact standard were used for shelling Donetsk.

The headquarters of the territorial defense of the so-called DNR reported three killed and an unspecified number of wounded. The separatists claim that a shell hit a residential building in the Voroshilovski district, gutting windows, doors, balconies and the ceiling. Residential buildings and cars were destroyed along 50 Years of the USSR Street, Nurmagomedov Square, Chelyuskintsi Street, Dzerzhinsky Boulevard, Artyom Street, the mayor of Donetsk also indicated that the damage was the result of “artillery shelling of NATO”.

After remaining alive and unharmed, the leader of the DNR, Denis Pushilin, published a video message on his Telegram channel. “The 155 caliber projectiles, NATO model, were used. In fact, the West is now involved in the specific targeted destruction of civilian masses in the city of Donetsk. In general, I think that the criminal Ukrainian regime should bear the deserved punishment,” said the head of the DNR. According to him, the Ukrainian authorities used terrorist methods, blowing up civilians and shelling the city center.

The chairwoman of the so-called Commission on Criminal and Administrative Legislation of the People’s Council of the DPR said, quoted by the Donetsk News Agency, that “the shelling of the center of Donetsk confirms the need for an international tribunal for war criminals.”

The new attack on Donetsk was carried out by Ukrainian Armed Forces forces stationed in the village of Orlovka, northwest of Avdiivka in the Kyiv-controlled part of the district. At least one of the attacks was carried out with American HIMARS, DPR separatists claim.


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