The truck bomb on the Crimean bridge: Why is Russia intervening in Bulgaria in the incident?

Russian services explicitly mentioned Bulgaria as one of the countries on the way to the truckwhich blew up on the bridge to Crimea.

According to Bulgarian experts, the mention of our country in connection with the logistics of blowing up the Crimean bridge is aimed at the intervention of NATO countries in the case and in the conflict.

According to bTV sources, the cargo and the truck have separate paths of travel.

The cargo is believed to have passed through Bulgaria, Georgia, crossed the border with Armenia and finally reached the city of Armavir. Two things happened there. First, a detonation remote has been added to the payload. Second – the load was taken by Mahir Yusubov. He probably had no idea what he was driving. He took the load and went to the bridge, spending the night in a parking lot for shooting ranges. He climbed the bridge early in the morning.

The man died, but his relatives are still looking for him and do not believe it.

“As for the Bulgarian connection – this is one of the working versions. It is clear that Bulgaria has nothing to do with the terrorist act, rather it was used as a transit country for the explosion,” said journalist Fyodor Gladkikh.

Already yesterday, Bulgaria was explicitly mentioned by the Russian services.

“We have already established the route of movement of the truck that exploded – it is Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia, the Krasnodar region,” said the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin.

A Kremlin blamed Ukraine for the explosion.

“There is no doubt that this is an act of terrorism aimed at destroying Russia’s critical civilian infrastructure. And that it was invented, carried out and ordered by the Ukrainian special services”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Bulgarian military experts, the intervention of our country has other goals.

“I absolutely rule out any Bulgarian connection with the incident. Bulgaria is mentioned again to show that NATO is waging war against Russia. I categorically rule out the possibility of Russia attacking NATO countries, but I do not rule out a hybrid impact,” said military expert Yordan Bozhilov.

“There are other strange things – they say Bulgaria, Georgia, you can only go by ferry, Armenia, which is in another direction. The Kremlin wants to name a NATO country and they choose one that is a weak link. Whether there is an option for a military attack, I don’t think so. As long as we behave as an ally in NATO, there is no danger,” said military expert and former defense minister Todor Tagarev.

The blown-up bridge to Crimea is important from the point of view of supplying the Russian army, experts add.


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