The stewards first disallowed Alpin’s protest for Alonso, then reconsidered and reinstated him to seventh place

Fernando Alonso, photo Alpin

US Grand Prix stewards first ruled out Alpin’s protest over Fernando Alonso’s post-race penalty in Austin pending consideration. The French guy filed an objection, after which a new hearing was held. In the end, it was upheld and the Spanish driver’s seventh place finish in the Austin race was reinstated.

Alonso received a penalty in Austin following an objection from Haas. The American team claimed that he and Sergio Perez (Red Bull) drove dangerous cars during the race

The Mexican competitor got away with a penalty. However, Alonso was given 10 seconds of stop-and-go, which after the checkered flag was transformed into 30 seconds. Alpine protested that Haas’ documents were submitted after the deadline. The stewards of the US Grand Prix, however, already in Texas noted this with the clarification that they found that in this particular case there was no way to comply with it.

In such cases, a first hearing is held, after which it is decided whether the new protest is admissible for consideration. According to the International Sporting Code, stewards can make exceptions in cases where “circumstances do not allow compliance with the time limit”. At its first gathering, Alpin’s protest did not make it to the second phase. Immediately afterwards, the team requested a new review. It has already been crowned with success.

Alpin managed to prove that the Haas team was able to meet the deadline for submitting their protest. The American team consulted with the FIA ​​in Austin and was told they had an appointment for the documents. The Anston team have indicated that the stewards have no power to extend the time limit. The ruling stated that the concern of driving a dangerous car remained, and that the FIA ​​would conduct an investigation into the use of the warning flag for such an offence.

Alonso himself said earlier this week that his team’s review of the protest would be an important day for Formula 1

According to him, the decision would show whether the sport is going in the right direction. Already in Mexico, he expressed optimism that the stewards will overturn his penalty, which was imposed because the right mirror of his car broke off and flew from the car.

“Last Sunday I experienced many emotions. The FIA ​​has a very transparent policy this year. I think the new leadership led by Mohammed [бин Сулайем] does things a little differently than in the past. I have full confidence in them,” commented Alonso.

“I think some things – mistakes on their part – are very clear. I was not shown a black and orange flag (dangerous vehicle warning – n.b.). This means that they did not consider the car dangerous to drive. The car was in a closed park, passed all inspections. Finally, the protest was filed too late. So I think the right decision will be made.”

“Otherwise, Formula 1 will create a huge problem for itself. “I think 50%, 60%, 70% of the cars will have to retire when some aerodynamic element is not properly fixed, because then the car will be ‘dangerous’,” Alonso said.

“Besides, if you are allowed to protest 20 minutes later, will it be allowed a month later? I don’t think the sport can afford it. That is why this decision is so important. I don’t care about seventh place, I’m not fighting for a title. But if the punishment is not lifted, we will open Pandora’s box,” he added.

In Austin, stewards noted in their review of the case that flight director Nils Wittick made a mistake in the Alonso case. This is another case this season where there is some kind of problem with decisions on the track. Haas’s grounds for the protest were that Kevin Magnussen had three previous warnings for dangerous driving. The American team was looking for consistency in the decisions of the FIA ​​people.

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