The Stem Projector portable projector is controlled at your fingertips

Kano Computing, the British at the origin of the Stem Player, an interactive music player that exclusively contained Kanye West’s 10th album, returns with a new gadget. It is this time a small video projector which takes the name of Stem Projector, while retaining the aesthetic touch which had made the curiosity of the first product sold by the brand.

A projector with a rather unique appearance

The Stem Projector is a device with a circular design that fits in the palm of the hand and has the particularity of operating on battery. Like the Stem Player, it is controlled via a haptic and circular tactile slider, which is reminiscent of the iPod. This cursor is used both to navigate through the stored content, but also to make a host of settings. The projector makes it possible to personalize the content broadcast by modifying the color palette of a film, adjusting the playback speed or changing the shape of the screen.

The device also has a funny mode called Galaxy. According to our colleagues from The Vergethis mode uses machine learning to label objects in a video stored on the device so that the user can “view a stream of related clips”. The idea is therefore to propose a sort of video montage of more or less similar or related scenes. A feature that, without being particularly useful in everyday life, testifies to the company’s design philosophy. Recall that the Stem Player allowed for example to create tactile audio effects and create remixes.

Purpose-built design and features

On the technical side, Kano Computing indicates that the Stem Projector has a brightness of 300 lumens (150 ANSI lumens) and offers 4 to 5 hours of battery use. The projector can be connected to wifi and is compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast functionality. It is thus possible for him to broadcast content directly from another device. It also includes 256 GB of storage and has a microSD port and another mini-HDMI.

It also has an integrated kickstand that allows it to be tilted at different angles, as well as a functional carrying pocket. Indeed, it has a special location to keep it in the right position if you need to project higher or on a ceiling, for example.

The first 1000 copies are available for pre-order on the site priced at $1000. The manufacturer currently only offers a single exclusive beige color which will be delivered in the spring. According to the company, its price will then drop to $600 at an as yet undisclosed date.

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