The Sony SRS-XG300 test included our comparison

Elegance and robustness can go perfectly together in a Bluetooth speaker. This is proven by the new transportable model from Sony, the SRS-XG300, which does not only have these qualities to highlight…

The SRS-XG300 makes a very clean copy and has everything you need to satisfy those looking for a solid speaker, both in terms of design and sound performance, extremely easy to use and complete. A few minor faults tarnish the board and prevent it from perfectly dominating the competition, in particular its cousin XB43, which we will prefer for its absolutely unbeatable quality/size/price ratio… unless you have an irrepressible need for sound power brute.


Under the exuberance of its multicolored lights, the Sony SRS-XB33 hides a real artistic talent. It impresses with its sound reproduction of remarkable transparency and versatility, embellished with a stereophony that is simply unheard of from a portable speaker. And all this without forgetting to ensure a very robust construction. A great success!

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