The secret is out! An expert revealed hidden messages between King Char…

A new photo released by King Charles III on his first birthday as British monarch conveys a “possible message” about the passions and causes he shares with Prince Harry. This is according to British body language expert Judy James.

The photo was published on the occasion of the king’s 74th birthday. In addition, the purpose of the photo was to announce the new role he inherited from his late father Prince Philip – the position of Warden of Windsor Great Park.

In the photo, the monarch, wearing a tweed jacket, tie and velvet trousers, is leaning against an ancient oak tree in the park.

The king’s birthday photo is a continuation of royal tradition, but a body language expert said the image marked a change in mood from last year’s image.

Judy James also said the photo of Charles linked him to another member of the royal family and hinted at a “possible message”.

She specified that she was referring to the official portraits of Harry and a pregnant Meghan (from years ago) posing under or near a very similar tree.

James said there are also physical parallels between the two royals.

“Charles has adopted ‘like Harry’ a ‘more casual style of dress,'” she said.

“With its messages about the continuity of nature and the symbol of the tree of life, this photo seems to remind us of the passions and causes that father and son share despite their apparent estrangement,” she adds.

Judy said that in a photo published in 2021, the prince looked extremely regal despite the outside setting.

“His pose was perfectly suited to the role of king he was to take on, with a piercing expression in his eyes, welcoming the camera to make direct contact with the viewer,” she said.

According to her, there are no signs of relaxation, rather formality and tradition come from the photo.

“His smile is also formal, suggesting the king is looking at an object rather than an approachable and more approachable person showing signs of approachability,” James elaborates.

The photo, taken on his 74th birthday, captures a different side of the monarch and appears to have been taken candidly and he wasn’t posing.

Judy continued: “This version of King Charles III has suddenly withdrawn from the table, both physically and emotionally, and seems almost spiritual.”

She said the photo suggested he wasn’t “aware” of the camera, while his pose was “reflective and intellectual”, giving him a more philosophical air.

“The ancient tree with which he is depicted emphasizes his passion for nature and the environment,” she said, writes


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