The Schengen slap will bring “Vazrazhdane” to power

It alone takes a proud pose, the others kneel in prayer

They cut off our Schengen receipt, a big miracle. Instead of thrashing about, let’s see if we can’t get some good out of the harm. For example, Bulgaria could say – if you humiliate us like this, we will not close our headquarters on a whim. Even so, their benefits are 10 times more than the Euro-bribe you give to stop them.

And besides, fuck the Eurozone. True, they won’t accept us anyway, but it’s another matter if we don’t want to. Then the red light will light up in the leading European heads – well, these Bulgarians have started pretending to be Hungarians! They seem to have grown balls! Will they not demand back the electricity, water, gold, copper, televisions and European girls tomorrow?

If the tourists scare them so much across our southern border, Bulgaria can say – well, give a few billions for a solid reinforced concrete fence to the sky, otherwise we’ll remove the wire as well. Let them come in, they don’t bother us – they pass and leave. Aren’t we here guarding because of you? Were we going to steal the money for the fence? Then send in your construction companies, let’s see how much they steal.

The Dutch ambassador should be summoned to Foreign Affairs and handed a note – where does your prime minister claim that the border was crossed for 50 euros?

You insult us, this service costs at least 500!

With this inflation, for 50 euros, a person can no longer even buy a car service, anyway, all the working women fled to Amsterdam, and only the ugliest remained here. Their commercial appearance is so postmodern that publishers no longer pay, but bargain with them to be paid.

Joking aside, the Schengen slap should wake us up. Of all the EU members, we are the most obedient. And we’re the only ones outside sniffing. Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic constantly put Brussels on its toes, but they are inside. And we are outside. And we sniff. And what do our politicians advise us? Give us more to give, more to bend, so hopefully they will let us go.

But isn’t it time to realize that you don’t get into the club of the rich with sycophants and douchebaggery? How will they not insult us on the topic of “Corruption”, when our own MEPs 2-3 years ago begged us for a European resolution that our country is corrupt? It’s not that it isn’t, but what kind of people calls the neighbor to help them under the quilt? What nation sends messengers with the promise to depose it in front of all the foreign countries? Dunovists welcome the rising sun in white clothes. And our political sect kneels with a view to the setting sun and prays: “Look at us, how muddy and rotten we are! Insult us! Crush us! That’s how we like it!”.

Thus, at the time of the bubonic plague, the medieval expert community believed that God was punishing it for sins. “Flagellants” went from city to city, naked to the waist, who whipped their backs, begging the Almighty for forgiveness and deliverance. God listened and saved them – only those who did not have beetles in their heads and lice on their bodies survived.

But let’s go back to the present time. Due to the complete lack of any sensible political ideas, all parties have taken it upon themselves to root out corruption in other parties. I fuck you, you fuck me, we’re all for cheating. And all of them are calling on the embassies to help out. That is why for years Bulgaria has collapsed in all world rankings of honor – starting with domestic violence, passing through freedom of speech and reaching happiness in life. According to the latest ranking, we are also more unhappy than those peoples who flee from themselves through our southern border.

And where does the world get this shameful data? Well, from our native merchants of green caviar. That’s what they get paid for – that’s what they send. We created such an image for ourselves that, not in Schengen, soon they won’t let us clean their toilets either. Bulgarian politics emits such a stench that Brussels will pay for a solid fence not on our southern, but on our western border.

If we had national footballs, we would have declared the following in the European Parliament: We didn’t have freedom of speech? Go back on your word then and we’ll set him free. Was there domestic violence? But didn’t Europe forbid us to know in which specific social strata and their neighborhoods a wooden gentleman plays? Well, how do we stop it then? And how can we excel in the ranking of happiness, when the handsome boyfriends ran to the West?

Corruption is corruption, but if we have to be honest, the most powerful driver of corruption in our country is the European subsidies. There is no way some money can leave Brussels, go through 3-4 international and state bureaucracies and not be “absorbed”. This is the a and b of the market economic religion. The West did not trust us because we are Russophiles? Someone has to explain to the West that the “Vazrazhdane” party gains the most from the Schengen slap.

I am not saying that it is an achik Russophile party, but certainly Putin is not a problem, nor is the war in Ukraine keeping it awake at night. By closing Schengen, they opened the way to power. Now “Vazrazhdane” has 27 seats, and in the spring the Schengen padlock will give 60. And as it turned out, in the fall it can take 121. But I am not campaigning for it at all, since I do not notice that it promises us real democracy. And left politics does not promise, so for me there is no rabbit hiding in this bush. But at least she stood proudly while the others crouched with their hands in prayer. Kostadinov’s endorsement is the only parliamentary party that has stood out in the pose of Vasil Levski from the photo.

When the people are poor and have nothing else, all they have left is a proud posture. What are the other parties and their leaders broadcasting? They compete in respect. As one said, “You will kiss the hand, I will kiss both hands; you will kiss the lap, I – the feet; you will kiss in another place, I – in an even more different place. Are you going to compete with me, body?”

They’ll let us in when the kissing in the even stranger place stops. But it is not known whether Schengen will have it then.


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