The scandals in “Games of Will” were not enough for her: A huge problem …

The same thing happened to both reality TV participants from the famous family – facial paresis

Evgenia Jaferovich became the most discussed participant in “Games of Will”. Everything around her is an occasion for comments – presentation, social game, relations with the other participants, injuries and what not.

One of the most frequently discussed things is the paresis of her face, along with the weight of the influencer. She commented on all this in an interview, where she told what exactly happened.

It turns out that Evgenia Dzaferovich got the paresis around the birth of her daughter. “I had to think about giving birth to Leah, everything with her being okay. I was only 22, I was not vain at all, I did not think about myself and “how bad” my condition was. To this day I can see how much it affected me , but I know that at that moment there was nothing more I could do for my treatment so that I would not face such serious consequences today,” she revealed to Eva.

It turns out that Vanja Jaferovic, the husband of the make-up artist, also got paresis. “We jokingly call ourselves the Facialis family,” says Evgenia and adds that Vanya’s condition is completely cured.

As for Evgenia’s body, she says that often people, “hiding behind photos of flowers, landscapes and all kinds of pictures, don’t care if they hurt someone” and offend. “I was 47 kg in the hospital, in a serious condition. I was also 80 kg. I only hope that the desire for this denial, hatred and effort to hurt someone will subside soon in our country”.

Evgenia admitted that she also made aesthetic corrections. It is about abdominoplasty due to diastasis after giving birth, and then you also had liposuction. He adds that he never hid these things.


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