The scandalous memoir sent Prince Harry to the B-team of the stars

The little son of Charles III collides with with record disapproval in the hometown england, in the US some think that complains too much a lot

Prince Harry’s scandalous memoir is doing serious damage to his image, despite only being on the market for days. An Express opinion poll showed he faces record disapproval in the UK. 64% of people in his home country already have a negative view of him, and 41% think he wrote Spare mainly for money. This is a serious decline in his public image, as only ten years ago Harry was the most popular member of the British royal family. Then he served in the British army, took part in dangerous missions in Afghanistan and, although he was embroiled in some youth scandals, he won an approval rating of about 70 percent, the same as his grandmother, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

As some of the royal correspondents commented – it’s a good thing she didn’t live to see his memoirs, she would have been very disappointed and saddened. According to Jonathan Dimbleby, the “revelations” made in the book are disturbing and more suitable for second-class stars who create scandals to be in the public space. The 78-year-old journalist, who is a friend of King Charles III, admits he is bewildered by his younger son’s decision to publish a book about his life.

“Yes, obviously there are revelations about how he lost his virginity, how he took drugs and how many people he thinks he may have killed in Afghanistan from his Apache helicopter, but those are revelations more suited to minor celebrities.” Dimbleby told the BBC. In 1994, the journalist took a key interview with Charles, in which he admitted that he had an affair during his marriage to Diana. The revelation was very important regarding the blame for the breakup of his family. That’s why Dimbleby was one of the most sought-after commentators on Harry’s memoirs, which had the ambition to tell his perspective on his decision to leave the royal family and emigrate to the US.

The journalist familiar with the palace intrigues does not allow that the younger son of the king is in it for money, and thinks that the presentation of the book as his side of the story does not hold up, because so far no other exists. The royal family and the palace are silent as Harry and Meghan speak. Thus the prince’s claims begin to look more and more like a complaint from a man who

it’s hard to cope with life’s tasks

For his proud compatriots, such behavior by a member of the royal family is unknown. Not only because his late grandmother’s life maxim: “Never complain, never explain” is still very much alive in the UK, but also because Harry and Meghan claimed they were leaving the UK to lead a quiet life. away from the limelight, which is not borne out by their new roles as creators of films, podcasts and books.

British commentators agree that a number of red lines were crossed in Spare with regard to members of the British royal family, and the clarification of the irreconcilable differences that drove them to emigrate to the US did not take place. In several places in the book, King Charles III is portrayed as a bad father who, for example, does not hug Harry when his mother Princess Diana dies in an accident. On the day of his birth, he told her: “Wonderful! Now you have given me an heir and a spare – my work is done”. Elsewhere in the memoir, Charles is even said to have once joked:

“Who knows if at all I am your real father”

At the time, there were rumors that Harry might have been born of his mother’s love affair with Major James Hewitt. According to the prince, one of the reasons for them is the “flaming, red hair”, which the military also had, and the other is the sadism of the media. Tabloid readers were delighted at the idea that the younger child was not Charles’s. For some reason, they couldn’t get enough of this “joke”. “It didn’t even matter that my mother didn’t meet Major Hewitt until after I was born,” Harry wrote.

Even more shocking was his claim that he was born to be “spare parts” for his older brother William, who is heir to the throne. “I was brought into the world in case something happened to Willie. I was called upon to provide support, distraction, diversion, and if necessary, a spare—a kidney perhaps, a blood transfusion, some bone marrow. All this was explicitly explained to me from the beginning of life’s journey and regularly reinforced after that,” the younger son of Charles III points out. He claims that this did not offend him, but it made it difficult for him to communicate with his brother and they were not really as close as it was claimed.

Their relationship further deteriorated with the appearance of Meghan in Harry’s life. William was taken aback when she went to hug him the very first time they met, as he had never allowed himself such intimacy with strangers. Later he thought it was Harry

possessed by the influence of his wife and their psychotherapists

and even pushed his younger brother to the floor during one of their arguments. He also grabbed him by the shirt after the funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip, when they argued about why Harry and Meghan gave an interview to the American presenter Oprah Winfrey, disparaging the British royal family.

Allegations of physical assault by William were among the first to leak from Spare, ahead of the book’s release. Then came the revelations that Harry had killed 25 Taliban fighters while on a mission in Afghanistan, which he compared to chess pieces that needed to be removed from the board.

In some of his interviews with American media, Harry commented that all this was done to undermine his memoirs. Things are taken out of context, then loudly circulated and commented on. In this he again saw the long arm of his old enemies on the Isle – the English tabloids and palace advisers, who often made it so that Harry and Meghan would atone for the sins of other senior members of the royal family.

In America, where the two enjoy greater approval, critical comments about the public image that the two are building are also beginning to creep in. Some of the newspapers write that they complain too much and do not take responsibility for anything. Vanity Fair magazine, considered the bible of Hollywood, writes that soon Meghan and Harry will have to turn to something beyond retelling their old fate over and over again if they want their voices to continue to be heard.


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