The Sauter Gourmand Easy SPI164HSX induction hob test has joined our comparison

Despite a pairing function that fails to provide an even temperature across the entire cooking surface — but so far, no hob has achieved this feat — the Sauter Gourmand Easy SPI164HSX hob does not lack no assets to seduce. Its perfectly exploited cooking probe is intended for both kitchen novices and experienced chefs, who will also appreciate the 14 power levels allowing great precision in the choice of temperatures. In addition, it knows how to maintain a stable power while very few of its competitors are able to do so.


Easy to use with its direct controls, the Sauter SPI9544B induction hob does not disappoint when it comes to performance either. The three lights it offers, each with 14 power levels, two of which can be stored, one boost and a function “Boil”, guarantee it a certain versatility. The larger allows a rapid rise in temperature, while the smaller is suitable for more fragile foods. Sauter’s hob can also boast of being quite quiet and energy efficient. All in all, an excellent choice for those who are not looking for combinable zones, as the Samsung NZ63N9777GK offers for an additional hundred euros.

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