The ruthlessly raunchy role with which Lily-Rose Depp steps out of her father’s shadow

Lily-Rose Depp is an actress who does not want to be defined by her last name.

Her big ambition is that one day every breakthrough, every major role and every question from a journalist will be related to her own hard work and effort and not to the DNA heritage of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

However, that day has not yet come.

Although the 23-year-old actress and model has her own career that has developed far from the patronage of her famous parents, for one part of the Internet community she will be reduced to the label “nepo baby”.

The epithet was born in social networks a few years ago and marks all the children of popular actors and performers, who in turn also became actors and performers. The names on this list are not few – Jaden Smith, Maya Hawke, Nicole Richie, Zoe Kravitz, Kaia Gerber…

This includes Lily-Rose Depp, who, like her parents, directed her dreams towards cinema and television.

She likes to act in front of the camera, sees herself as an artist, but she strongly disagrees with the “nepo baby” label, which implies that her achievements are a consequence of the fame of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

“I think it’s strange to reduce a person to his family and to believe that he is successful only because of his parents. It doesn’t make any sense,” says Lily-Rose in an interview for the cover of American Elle.

“It’s like if your father and mother are doctors and you become a doctor too, someone tells you: You’re only a doctor because your parents are doctors. No, I’m a doctor because I graduated from medical school and practiced,” she added. .

According to the actress, it is hardly a coincidence that questions about the ease of carrying a certain surname are only asked of women in Hollywood.

“The internet seems to be very excited about my family and whether they helped me with the auditions. But I can assure you – no one gets a role they are not suitable for. Another interesting thing – why the preconceived notions of ‘nepo baby’ always revolve around women. I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” says the actress.

Unlike the mass of celebrities with online profiles, Lily-Rose Depp avoids expressing opinions and throwing out suggestions on topics that do not directly concern her. For this reason, she spares the media her personal view on her father Johnny Depp’s defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

It’s as if Lily-Rose is the only one who hasn’t publicly commented on the process, and it’s going to stay that way.

“When something so personal suddenly becomes public knowledge, it’s hard to keep your cool. But I don’t think it’s my job to be responsible for other people’s actions. Before society defined me by the men in my life, whether they were family members or boyfriends. Now I’m ready to be defined by my work,” says Lily-Rose Depp.

Among the projects to which the actress will be happy to see her name is the upcoming HBO Max series “The Idol”.

In the series, directed by Sam Levinson (“Euphoria”), Lily-Rose stars as rising pop star Jocelyn, who becomes involved with a nightclub owner and guru played by The Weeknd.

What Depp can say about the production at this stage is that filming involved plenty of obscenity and risqué scenes. And that it was precisely this nature of the script that attracted her to the project.

“I’m not interested in puritanical. I don’t want to be involved in something that doesn’t challenge me and doesn’t challenge others. I think this show (note line “The Idol”) is fearless and I’m really proud and excited to dive into it,” shares the actress.

She added that her 32-year-old co-star and Grammy winner The Weeknd, as well as director Sam Levinson, made her feel comfortable on set despite the raw look of some of the scenes.

However, preparing for her transformation into pop star Jocelyn involved more than wearing cut-out outfits, platform shoes and sexy faces for the cameras.

Lily-Rose says she dove deep into the pop celebrity phenomenon by watching documentaries on Katy Perry, Madonna, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. Actresses from the Old Hollywood era such as Jean Tierney, Romy Schneider and Jeanne Monroe – some of the first stars of the Hollywood firmament – are also an inspiration for the young Depp.

“There’s nothing more fun than finding a topic that excites you and sinking your teeth into it until you understand it down to the smallest detail,” says Lily-Rose.

And as for her similarities with the heroine, the actress says that she can only get into her position due to the pressure of comments on social networks.

“Social platforms are a double-edged sword. If you’re an artist, they help you connect with people who understand you. But they also make complete strangers talk about you like they know you. But I’m not like Jocelyn. I was raised to defend my personal space and I will not expose myself to the world to be eaten alive,” states Lily Rose-Depp.


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