The Russian factory that produced the Buran shuttle goes bankrupt

The arbitration court in Moscow declared the Tushin Machine-Building Plant bankrupt, which in its glory years produced two of the Soviet Buran space shuttle, Interfax reported, quoted by “Sega”. Only one of the shuttles flew in automatic mode in space on November 15, 1988, when it made two orbits around the Earth. On May 12, 2002, it was destroyed when the roof of the building where it was stored collapsed, killing eight workers.

The temporary manager of the plant, Alexander Loginov, stated that it is impossible to restore the company’s solvency. “The company will not be able to repay its debt to creditors in the amount of 7 billion rubles,” he said. According to him, the register includes 22 creditors with claims amounting to 7.3 billion rubles with a principal amount of 5.2 billion rubles.

On May 13, 2013, the meeting of creditors of TMZ decided to submit an application to the court for declaration of bankruptcy. The plant’s property consists mainly of buildings and facilities, the interim manager said at the time.

The court’s website states that “creditors’ claims that have not been satisfied due to insufficient assets of the debtor are considered extinguished. Creditors’ claims not recognized by the receiver are also considered extinguished if the creditor is not submitted an application to the arbitration court or if these claims are recognized by the arbitration court as groundless.Bankruptcy proceedings in relation to the debtor are considered closed from the date of entry of its liquidation in the unified state register of legal entities.

According to the representative of the debtor, in 2011-2012, the company paid about 800 million rubles in the execution case.

The Tushino Machine-Building Plant was founded in 1932. It is one of the largest Russian aerospace enterprises. At various times, the plant produced military and civilian products, including fighter jets, as well as trolleybuses, trams and buses. From 1980 to 1990, the plant participated in the construction of the Buran (Snowstorm) reusable manned orbital spacecraft.

In addition, the company produced small energy units and autonomous industrial complexes for the recycling of used car tires.


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