The Raspberry Pi inherits new photo modules with autofocus

Good news for hacker photographers. The Raspberry Foundation, which markets the famous Raspberry Pi, just announced the arrival of new photo modules compatible with the star microcomputer.

Extremely versatile, the Raspberry Pi can indeed be connected to small photo modules to, for example, serve as the brain of a surveillance system, transform into a connected doorbell, or even become a real camera. With the proliferation of projects of all kinds, the need for better photo modules than the V2which points to 8 Mpx, was felt.

The new Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 are available in several versions: a “standard” model with 75° angle of view and 12 Mpx definition, a wide-angle with 120° angle of view and 12 Mpx definition; and two other similar versions, but capable of capturing in infrared. Behind it is a Sony IMX708 sensor that officiates. The modules are capable of capturing photos in HDR and feature a phase-detection autofocus mechanism, able to focus on objects as far as 5cm away, claims the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Prices and availability

But that’s not all, the firm also presented another photo accessory: a sensor with M12 mount. This gadget allows you to install any compatible lens on the Sony IMX477R 12.3 megapixel sensor. A godsend for those who already have photo equipment at home.

Standard and wide-angle sensors are now available from authorized retailers at 30 € and 39 € respectively, while the M12 mount costs €60. The infrared models will display the same prices as the standard modules, but will arrive at the end of January 2023 in France.

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