The queue, a new feature being tested for YouTube Premium subscribers

A new feature is being tested on Android and iOS mobile apps for YouTube Premium subscribers. They can now put videos that interest them in a queue by creating an ephemeral playlist. A feature already available free for everyone on the web version, and which differs from the permanent options Save to watch later or Save to playlist, which then require manual deletion of the selected videos.

Premium subscribers can try out this new feature by following the instructions presented on a window pop up when opening the application. If ever the window did not open, it is possible to manually activate the functionality test; you have to go to Settings then Try new features, go down to Queue and press the Try button.

Once activated, it will be possible, by clicking on the three small dots at the top right of a video, to add it to the queue by creating a temporary playlist. Chromecast users are familiar with this manipulation since it is available when the device is connected to a television. Testing of this functionality will be available until January 28, 2023. There is no guarantee that it will be adopted beyond this date, as some tests have not resulted in permanent functionality.

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