‘The Queen is dead, long live the King’: Charles III’s first statement expected

Britain’s new king, Charles III, is expected to make his first statement later in the day. He will also be officially proclaimed the new monarch of the Island.

In Great Britain there is a rule Rex nunquam moritur or “the king never dies”. It was adopted in the Middle Ages from France, from where the expression “The king died, long live the king” also migrated. The idea behind this is that the person who wears the crown may die, but the political figure lives on forever. The rule exists to avoid complications in the transfer of supreme power.

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On the death of Elizabeth II on September 8, Prince Charles, as her first heir, automatically became king, but there was still a formal procedure. Later on the first day after the old monarch’s death, the Council of Succession will meet at St James’s Palace to formally proclaim Charles III as the country’s new ruler.

Immediately after that, another procedure started – Charles III is due to make his first tour of the country, with the first destination likely to be Scotland, as he is currently at Balmoral Palace, where Elizabeth II died.

Today will also be the first meeting between Charles III and the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss.

The official coronation of Charles III is unlikely to take place in the coming year.

There are other interesting changes to come. Britain’s national anthem should be rewritten to sing “God Save the King”. The Bank of England must prepare to mint new coins and print notes bearing the face of Charles III. For the time being, they announced that those with the image of Elizabeth continue to be valid.

Church bells will be ringing across England today – within an hour of noon. The House of Commons will meet in the early afternoon to pay tribute to the Queen. The Queen’s body will be transported from St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh to London. Elizabeth II will be buried in 9 days at Westminster Abbey.


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