The president of Ukrainian athletics compared dropping bombs to playing basketball

The President of the Athletics Federation of Ukraine, Yevhen Pronin, described his daily life in the war during the European Championships that started in Munich.

Instead of being with his side’s athletes at the championships, Pronin drops drone bombs on Russian soldiers in hopes of killing them.

“We drop bombs not only on the Russian tanks, but also on their cars, houses and wherever they have settled. We have drones with small bombs of about 300 grams for example. With them it is impossible to destroy a tank, but you can kill soldiers. Some of the bombs are very powerful. Here you see two Russian soldiers and here I drop the bomb and it kills them. Kind of like basketball.

I feel good because I am doing it for my country. If we don’t kill them, they will kill our children and us. Of course, in real life I’m not a murderer. On February 25th, I was not at all calm, unlike now. Then I remember how my girlfriend was crying, I opened the profile of Volodymyr Zelensky and saw that he was looking for weapons. I was shocked, but all Ukrainians decided that we should fight,” says Pronin.

Before the war, he went flying drones as a hobby and consulted with his military commanders about whether he could use this skill of his.

“Many of the drone operators are young people because they have experience in computer games. But in war it’s different. Russian artillery can kill you in a second,” he adds.

Pronin has been given permission to leave Donetsk and travel to Munich to watch the Ukrainian competitors. Among them is the world vice-champion in the high jump Jaroslava Mahuchyk.

The president of the athletics federation often posts videos on his Instagram profile and explains why: “This is propaganda. Most Ukrainian soldiers do it. This is a new war of a new kind. Everyone is recording and making videos.

We are careful and do not reveal our positions, but the Russians have a chance to find out A month ago I received a recording of a conversation between Russian soldiers and they said something like “shit drones”. They added that if they caught one of our group alive, they would get money and a few days’ rest.”

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