The power of love: A father with Down Syndrome did everything for his son to become a doctor

A beautiful story about a father with Down syndrome, who did everything to make his son a doctor, touched the Internet.

It is a common misconception about people with Down syndrome that they cannot have children. Women with Down syndrome can give birth to children, and in extremely rare cases, men can also become fathers.

A man with Down Syndrome named Jad Issa and his wife have a son who is now a successful doctor. The family is from Syria, and its story proves that there is nothing stronger than selfless love, the website Bright Side writes.

When Jad’s son, Sader, is born, he is welcomed into the family like any other baby.

Sader says he remembers feeling very loved as a child and his father spending time with him in many games. The local community also supports the family and accepts them for who they are.

The father works hard in a wheat mill so that his son can achieve his dreams. He managed to save money for Sader’s education.

This is what inspires Jad’s son to become a doctor.

“I think I would be a lot less excited about life and a lot less passionate about what I do if I didn’t have my special father,” Sader writes.

Now he is a dentist, which is one of the best and highest paying professions in Syria, and Jad’s happiness knows no bounds.

When his son is still studying, Jad introduces him to new people, telling them – “my son is a doctor” with tears in his eyes.

The family is living proof that stereotypes must be broken.

Speaking about the relationship his parents share, Sader said that even though they have been together for decades, the love between his mother and father is still as if they got married yesterday. They perfectly understand each other’s needs. They like to walk together, and sometimes they just sit and talk for hours.

Sader credits his father for his success and admits he is no less proud of him.

In their free time, the inspiring family likes to spend together watching movies the most.

True love knows no bounds and sometimes works wonders. It is Jad’s story that proves it.


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