The Portuguese coach: I didn’t like what Ronaldo did behind my back

A mini-scandal is burning in the Portuguese camp despite the attempts at diplomacy by experienced coach Fernando Santos.

The coach frankly admitted that he saw a video recording of what happened behind his back in the match against South Korea (1:2) last Friday.

Then the substituted Cristiano Ronaldo went past him and then ran amok at the bench, waving at the manager as he instructed his team and looked out onto the pitch.

Tonight, Portugal meet Switzerland in the round of 16 at 9pm, with Ronaldo’s starting place – according to the Portuguese media – in doubt.

“Of course, I saw the footage – admitted Santosh. – During the game I didn’t understand anything, but then I did. I didn’t like it, of course. To be honest, I didn’t like it at all…

But from that moment on, things were over for me. Point. I’m thinking about the match against Switzerland, that’s all I care about. Will Ronaldo start? We will decide at the stadium who will play, I always decide the line-up at the last minute. Whatever had to be decided was decided between us internally and is not the business of the media.”

Namely, these media in Portugal are furious with what is happening in the team’s camp.

“Ronaldo and 25 more. Is this our team?” asks “A Bola”, adding:

“You can’t go and win a tournament like this with a team where one person is separate from the rest, above the rest and as if he is a team within the team.”

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