The Panasonic TX-65LZ1500 television test has joined our comparison

The Panasonic 65LZ1500 television is distinguished by its Master Oled Pro panel, which is brighter than those of competing models, while maintaining impeccable image quality, a true signature of the Japanese manufacturer. Without forcing its talent, Panasonic offers one of the best Oled televisions on the market, which ultimately only suffers from the limitations of its multimedia system. For the rest, it’s flawless.


The LG 65C2 remains one of the benchmarks in the television market, offering a perfectly calibrated image and a very high quality HDR experience. LG even offers itself the luxury of reducing the consumption of its Oled TV and improving the responsiveness of the system while increasing the functionalities. On the video processing side, LG no longer has much to prove, both in terms of upscaling and motion compensation. If we add to this an undisguised ease in video games, the LG 65C2 television is a model of versatility that is suitable for everyone: from movie buffs to video game enthusiasts to sports or documentary enthusiasts. It’s hard to be disappointed with the LG C2.

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