The official police report on Jeremy Renner’s serious accident is out

Actor Jeremy Renner was trying to stop his snowplow to protect his now-grown nephew when the heavy machine ran him over near his home on New Year’s Day. This is according to the official incident report of the Nevada Sheriff’s Office, CNN reports.

According to the data from the authorities’ investigation, the handbrake of the snowplow was not applied, otherwise the serious accident could have been prevented.

The vehicle began sliding sideways after the 52-year-old Avengers star used it to pull her nephew’s truck out of the snow.

“The Pistenbully snowplow began to roll sideways, causing Renner to exit it without engaging the emergency brake,” concluded the report, which was obtained by the media Tuesday through a public records request.

“Although the Pistenbully had some mechanical problems, based on our inspection, it is believed that the parking brake would have stopped the snowplow,” the documents also read.

The nephew was able to help the 52-year-old actor until help arrived. Renner was airlifted to the hospital, where he stayed for more than two weeks, underwent at least two surgeries and was treated in the intensive care unit.

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