“The occupiers are clearly in a panic”: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing to retake the entire Luhansk region (updated)

Ukrainian armed forces have pushed further east into territory recently vacated by Russia, paving the way for a possible offensive against Moscow’s occupation forces in the Donbass region as Kyiv seeks more Western weapons, Reuters reported.

“The occupiers are clearly in a panic”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a televised address in the early hours of September 20, adding that the focus of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is now on “speed” in the liberated areas: “The speed at which our troops are moving. The speed at which normal life is restored.”

Zelensky hinted that he would use his video address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday to urge countries to speed up arms and aid deliveries.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure that Ukraine’s needs will be met at all levels – defense, financial, economic, diplomatic,” the Ukrainian president said.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have regained full control over the village of Bilokhorovka and are preparing to recapture the entire Luhansk region from the Russian occupiers, said the governor of the region, Serhii Gaidai. The village is just 10 km west of Lisichansk, which fell to the Russians after weeks of fierce fighting in July. “It’s going to be a fight for every inch. The enemy is preparing their defenses. So we’re not just going to go in.” Gaidai wrote in Telegram.

The Kremlin’s thesis is that the main goal of the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine is to seize Luhansk and the neighboring Donetsk region, which make up the industrialized eastern Donbass region. Ukrainian troops began moving into Luhansk after driving Russian forces out of the northeastern Kharkiv region in a lightning counter-offensive this month.

In the south of the country, where another Ukrainian counteroffensive is progressing more slowly, Ukraine’s armed forces said they had sunk a barge carrying Russian troops and equipment across a river near Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region.

“Attempts to build the passage failed to withstand the fire of the Ukrainian forces and were stopped. The barge became an addition to the underwater forces of the occupiers,” it said military statement on Facebook.

Photo: UNIAN

According to information from the command of Operation “South” on Facebook, the situation remains constantly tense, but under control:

“The enemy continues to focus his efforts on organizing the defense and trying to hold the captured territories, as well as trying to disrupt the active actions of the Ukrainian defense forces by shelling the positions of our troops along the line of contact. The enemy is regrouping his units in certain areas , bringing in reserves and strengthening air reconnaissance.”

“In order to improve the tactical situation, the enemy tried to carry out an assault operation with a force of one motorized rifle platoon in the direction of Davidov Brod – Belogorka. It was discovered in time and stopped with artillery fire. It retreated with losses,” the report of the command of operation “South”.

Seven civilians, including three children, were killed last night by Ukrainian shelling in the Luhansk region

This was announced by representatives of the local authorities appointed by Russia, quoted by Reuters.

The strike was carried out on the village of Krasnorechenskoe, which is located in territory controlled by Russian forces, the representative of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic in the Joint Control and Coordination Center (JCCC) announced. “During Ukrainian artillery fire on the village of Krasnorechenskoye, seven civilians were killed, including three children,” the representative said.

Reuters notes that the information could not be independently verified.

The SCCC was created as part of the failed Minsk agreements, a series of agreements that were struck to de-escalate the conflict between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists that erupted after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.


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