The next prime minister will not be Galab Donev. It will be Atanas Pekanov

Here are two predictions from me:

1) The war in Ukraine will continue like the Iran-Iraq war, which lasted 8 years, from 1980 to 1988, and did not end with a winner. The conflict has exhausted both warring parties. After all, the problems for Saddam started after the conflict, when he decided that he had to seize the oil fields of Kuwait. And by the same token, Bulgaria was probably the only country that sold weapons to both Iraq and Iran, thanks to our genius Minister of Foreign Trade – Hristo Hristov. I had the honor of knowing him too thanks to my father. The key to the end of this war is whether there will be an economic crisis in the US, that is, in the world, and aid to Ukraine will be cut. Paradoxically, economic recession and inflation can directly influence the premature end of the war, which will unlock recovery processes at the global level. And it may take time if the economies of the West hold out. A change may also occur in Russia, the scenario of the Atlanticists in Bulgaria, but this seems unlikely to me. In general, everywhere you look, in the short term, it’s bad.

2) The next prime minister will not be Galab Donev. It will be Atanas Pekanov. And he will not only be prime minister, he will be, in time, also the leader of a new formation that will win some subsequent elections. This will lead the country out of the current political deadlock.

I leave the conclusions for both forecasts up to you.

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