The Monza final brought back bad memories for Lewis Hamilton

The Monza final brought back bad memories for Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton commented on the final of the Italian Grand Prix in Formula 1, where in the last laps the pilots finished behind the safety car.

This was necessary as a breakdown in McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo forced him to leave his car dangerously on the side of the track with six laps to go.

In the end, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc was denied the chance to challenge championship leader Red Bull’s Max Verstappen for the top spot and the Dutchman won without a fight in the closing kilometers.

The situation was similar to that at the end of last year’s championship, when flight director Michael Massi gave Max the opportunity to fight Lewis Hamilton and pass him on the last lap. This decision resulted in Verstappen winning the world title.

“It brings my memories back. That’s how the rules should be applied, isn’t it? Only once in the history of Formula 1 have they not been applied and that changed the final result of the world title fight. But what to do…” Lewis said after the end of the Monza race on Sunday.

Although his driver was hurt by the decision, Ferrari boss Mattia Binoto also expressed the view that it was the right decision in such a situation and the rules were applied correctly. However, he criticized the marshals for not restoring order quickly enough to the cars behind the safety car. The whole delay came about because she didn’t initially get in front of leader Verstappen, but in front of Mercedes’ George Russell.

The boss of “Red Bull” Christian Horner gave a completely different and curious opinion. Although his driver won the race, he believes a red flag should have been shown. That is, for the cars to come home and return to the track after the removal of Ricciardo’s car.

“It was outside the principles we discussed. It’s not a good race to finish behind a safety car. They should have red-flagged and then restarted,” Horner said.