The military will now look after themselves, giving up private security

The military will now look after themselves, giving up private security

The companies had a number of gaps. In addition, they were given elderly guards, and the commanders could not control them

They are also strengthening the personnel in the electronic intelligence because of the war in Ukraine

Private security at all military sites will be abolished and their work will be performed by servicemen. This is necessary after the control bodies of the Ministry of Defense have found a number of gaps in the work of the hired companies.

However, in order to be able to protect themselves, the military has requested to increase the numbers in logistics compared to those laid down in the Armed Forces Development Plan for 2026.

This came to light after changes to the plan were released for public comment. However, the exact increase in staff is classified information.

“The accumulated experience over the years has shown that the protection of strategic objects and objects of the critical infrastructure with private security companies is accompanied by a number of assumptions and problems related to both the quality of the service provided due to the difficult recruitment and appointment of employees and their high average age, as well and with the limited powers of the commanders to control the security, which are limited only to ascertaining the problems”, the reasons for changes say.

The Ministry of Defense has been using private security companies for more than 15 years. The reasons for hiring companies for the security of divisions, warehouses, etc. were that according to an analysis of the ministry

the protection of licensed companies is economic more profitable

from the appointment of civil servants.

However, the information on how much the ministry pays to the companies is not public. In 2020, after an inquiry by “24 Chasa” under the Access to Information Act, it became clear that just the security of the properties that the army no longer uses amounts to over BGN 15 million per year. The largest number of orders is taken by the MOBA company, which was established under the Ministry of Defense itself to employ retired military and police officers.

For the first 6 months of 2022 alone, MOBA received BGN 6.8 million for the protection of military properties, its report makes clear.

The military also proposes to stop the optimization of personnel in the “Military Intelligence” service because of the war in Ukraine.

The goal is to increase those engaged in strategic electronic intelligence. This is necessary because of “the change in the security environment, the increased need for wearing duty and

execution of additional tasks on intelligence in the context of the crisis in Ukraine”,

are motivated by the MoD. In intelligence, however, no new people will be hired, but quotas will simply be redistributed.

There will also be changes in the Plan for the Development of the Armed Forces regarding the National Military University.

However, they are about the academic structure, after a few months ago the parliament decided to transform the Veliko Tarnovo Faculty. (24 hours)