The magical Jin from BTS who cooks divinely and looks great in uniform

BTS is not just a boy band. They are a whole universe in which everyone has their precisely assigned role.

In this universe, Jin, born as Kim Seok Jin, has a very special place because he is probably the most popular member of the group, and he is also the oldest.

In fact, before the founding of BTS, the South Korean had completely different dreams. Yes, again they include fame, but not singing fame.

Jin was born in Guanchon and from a young age he was adamant that he wanted to be an actor.

While still in high school, the production company SM Entertainment noticed him and offered him an engagement. Jin, however, decides it’s some kind of scam and flatly refuses. Instead, his ambition to become an actor led him to Konkuk University in Seoul. If he doesn’t succeed as an actor, he wants to become the host of a cooking show.

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Therefore, he follows “Art and acting” and does not think beyond his graduation. One day, while walking the streets, he was stopped by an agent of the creators of BTS – Big Hit Entertainment.

The company’s scouts are looking for members of a new boy band to become South Korea’s next big hit. The year is 2013, and Jin has never played music in his life. He was liked and invited to the casting only because of his looks.

After being approved, the Korean is sent to the training camp where the rest of the BTS boys train and rehearse. Although he also shows talent in singing and music, Jin is initially not very confident in his abilities.

The worry makes him rehearse day and night, and yet after his first official performance on stage, the performer bursts into tears.

Jin refuses to say exactly what happened, but as Billboard points out, it was an incident that made him cry. The publication adds that thanks to the other guys from the group and their help, the singer quickly overcomes his trauma and anxiety.

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Proof of this are clips from the following years where Jin finds himself with his pants unzipped or his shirt torn, and it only makes him laugh and fix the fal.

Over time and with lots of practice, he also became extremely good at playing the guitar. BTS are known for not seeming to have a minute’s break on stage and are dancing almost the whole time, but the performer is often sitting down playing guitar.

Since being in the band, the young South Korean has also been learning to play the piano, and he hasn’t forgotten his dream of becoming a chef. The other members of BTS praise his cooking skills and told Billboard that it was Jin who saved them from starvation more than once or twice with his recipes.

In the blog and in YouTube channel of BTS has separate sections showing Jin cooking and showing abilities in the kitchen.

For example, when the performer prepares sweet and sour soup for his co-star Jay Hope, the latter is speechless and has tears in his eyes because the soup, Jay says, is just like his mother’s.

Jin’s love for food and cooking also leads him to open a restaurant that is his and his older brother’s. The restaurant is located in Seoul and bills itself as a “Japanese-style restaurant with a Western influence.” The design is European minimalist and Japanese with natural elements.

Steamed beef, cured meats, bamboo sprouts, an abundance of salads – almost everything on the menu is the work of Jin and his brother himself.

At the same time, the artist also emerged as a key part of BTS. German critics called him “the singer with the silver voice”. The Korea Times described him as “soft, emotional and free-spirited”.

Kim Ji-hun almost became part of the band that is currently conquering the world with its music. That was close...

In December, the musician will have to radically change his field, because he will serve his mandatory military service.

In front of his audience in Buenos Aires on October 30, Jin himself said that he was entering the army on December 16. For fans, he specified that he will spend five weeks training and adjusting, after which he will be deployed and serve the remaining 19 months or so of his barracks.

Before committing to his military service, however, the singer did something very important – he released his solo single “Astronaut” and said a quick “Bye!” with the audience, because he is convinced that he will return to the stage.

Jin had to ask the “army”, as BTS calls their horde of fans, not to come around the barracks he would be in in an attempt to catch a glimpse of him. “Somehow the information about exactly where I am will be leaked without my knowledge. Please do not come to the facility because it is crowded with people who are armed,” he told CNN.

“The army will be waiting for you,” read posters at Jin’s concert in Buenos Aires.

Jin also released a photo shoot in a navy uniform to make his fans happy that he is joining the army instead of sad.

The footage is part of a portfolio called “The Sea of ​​Jin Island,” and Jimin and Jungkook, two other BTS members, already have similar albums.

So for now, fans of Jin and the boyband are more excited about the idea of ​​their idol wearing a military uniform than the fact that they won’t see much of him for over a year and a half.


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