The Macedonian bus that burned down on “Struma” had a fake license

The Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje filed an indictment against Bekim Hajiu and the company “Besa Trans” for falsifying documents. It is about falsification of a permit for international public transport, the Macedonian media reports. The prosecutor’s office claims that through a false document and with the help of the company’s hired drivers, Hajiu manipulated the license and illegally performed international transport services.

In the serious accident involving the bus of the Besa Trans company on the Struma highway on November 23 last year, 45 passengers, citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, died and seven were injured.

“The accused, as the head of the company, using the same modus operandi, the same opportunities and under similar circumstances, through the drivers who drove the company’s buses, used the forged documents as genuine.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications did not issue such a document – Confirmation of a license for public transport in international traffic – for the bus, and the manager of the company prepared a fake document, which he gave to the drivers and then they crossed the state border with it.

From 10.01.2021 to 21.11.2021, the bus passed over 20 times through several border points in the same way,” said the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor’s office has also provided sufficient evidence of possible abuses by the customs officials, who allowed the bus to travel with a false document.

The evidence obtained from a previous procedure related to the actions of the customs services at the border points, which are obliged to check the confirmations for transport permits, will be handed over to the departmental prosecutor, the prosecutor’s office emphasized.


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