The LELO Enigma clitoral stimulator test has joined our comparison

As is customary, Lelo signs a sex toy with a sleek design and advanced technologies, no offense to the clitoris. Pampered internally and externally, this organ of pleasure will know how to say yes to the Enigma. Its handling, autonomy, sound level and vibration modes are virtually faultless for the clitoral stimulator, provided you are familiar with sex toys or like strong sensations. This is all the more true as the sensations are double; it is indeed impossible to dissociate the vibrator from external stimulation. In short, the Lelo Enigma is a suitable model for women already accustomed to sex toys, who wish to discover a new way of pleasuring themselves by doubling the stimulation.


With Womanizer, pulsed air becomes the clitoris’s best friend. The sensations are new and adaptable to all sexualities. With him, the orgasm was, so that the Classic 2 can act as the first sex toy or complete an already well-stocked collection. In short, it is a must-have that sticks to the essentials. Only the most avid thrill seekers could claim a few additional options.

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