The legendary “Moskvich” is back, but it will be produced… in China

Moskvich “Yauza” should be the new pride of the Russian automobile industry.

Well, it will be produced in China and it is not known when exactly it will be on the market, but it comes with the claims of being the first modern Russian SUV. It is named after the river Yauza, which runs through Moscow, and will mark the revival of the Soviet legend “Moskvitch”.

It gives us a first look at the car The YouTube channel “On the highway”.

The channel is full of videos loudly announcing new models from KAMAZ, Lada and even Belarusian MAZ. The clip dedicated to the Belarusian car, for example, is titled “Belarus does not sleep! New crossover MAZ-5551 for 100 million rubles is preparing for debut”.

But back to Yauza, which should also be in the crossover segment.

From the description of the video, it is clear that recently the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, met with the management of KAMAZ, and the factory presented a list of brand new concepts for “Moskvich” models. All of them are designed to displace their Western equivalents from the hearts of Russians.

For example, the Moskvich Primus is expected to replace the Skoda Karoq and Nissan Qashqai, perhaps because it bears striking visual similarities to both cars.

“Yauza”, in turn, should become more beloved than cars like KIA Seltos and, again, Skoda Karoq. The similarities in the external design are quite tangible, although in fact the car is an absolutely verbatim copy of the JAC Sehol X4.

The Yauza looks like a classic crossover with some bold elements like the headlights and rims.

Added to this are chrome and black plastic details. On the hood, the word “Moskvich” is proudly displayed in large black letters, although it is based on the already mentioned Chinese SUV with the JAC brand.

Photo: Wikipedia

The Twin Brother – JAC Sehol X4

The factory of the Chinese brand is near the city of Hefei in Eastern China, and it is there that the “Yauza” should be made, or more precisely – the inscription “Muskvich” should be put on the already available Sehol X4. The engine is gasoline and reaches up to 150 horsepower, and from the few photos available, it can be seen that the transmission is automatic.

The channel “Na autotrasse” indicates that in the future we expect an electric car with the same parameters.

The price of Moskvich “Yauza” is still not completely clear. The JAC Sehol X4 costs between $12,900 and $15,000 depending on its modifications. Its Russian twin will most likely arrive at 1 million to 1.8 million rubles – between $16,300 and $29,300.

There are no special surprises in the interior of the crossover and it is rather frugal. There is a small display on the infotainment system and below it is a panel with buttons.

The interior is leather with elements of suede. However, the product photos shown may be of the JAC and not what the “Yauza” will be, where some utensils and extras could be further trimmed.

Riders will die like real men, as a popular sticker for this very type of Russian car says

There remains the problem of who will be able to buy such a car on the territory of Russia. A number of companies, including Huawei, are beginning to stop importing their products, but not because of the sanctions against Moscow, but because there is not enough purchasing power in the country.

If Moskvich “Yauza” becomes a reality, it will reach the car showrooms of the Russian Federation, but it risks remaining there as an exhibition exhibit.

Even from “On the highway”, where the overexcited tone about the new Russian automobile industry prevails, admit that “Yauza” would be “the most expensive crossover” in Russia.

Nevertheless, they optimistically emphasize that the car will become “the most popular in the country”.


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