The law, Mr. Trifonov, sticks out above you too!

THE law, Mr. Trifonov – said with a shout, as you like – sticks out above you too. And you like to emphasize that you stand out above others.

And the law, Mr. Trifonov, must be respected. You write that morality is above the law. Obviously, Mr. Trifonov, I will first have to explain to you some philosophical categories on which every modern and democratic society is built.

Morality, if you don’t know, is a personal category. You have some moral standards, I have others, Kiril Petkov has a third, and Boyko Borisov has a fourth. Even Ahmed Dogan has his own individual moral values. Law, on the other hand, is our common rules that reconcile our different morals so we don’t kill each other. And the laws set the general rules that we have collectively agreed to abide by. Because if for some the law can be circumvented with or without a fine, then we don’t have a society, but a clan-communal system.


you, Mr. Trifonov, decided to become a politician

That you failed to fulfill any of your promises is your moral problem. But the fact that you decided not to follow the law is now our common problem.

Now I will explain to you why the property publicity law is needed. It was promulgated in 2000 and generally requires politicians and senior government officials to declare each year what properties, money and shares they have acquired. But not to become seir, Mr. Trifonov, but to have control. Yes, much of the property – both mine and yours – is public in various registries. What is not public, however, is if I lend you BGN 1 million in cash and, accordingly, the contract under which I give it to you. Although, comparing our properties, you are more likely to give me, but it is equally dangerous for both of us.

Because we get addicted

Or, Mr. Trifonov, it will be interesting the situation in which you invest millions in shares of “Tesla”, “Twitter” or a flying saucer in a specific year, if you can’t prove where they come from. I’m not saying that you do I am actually describing to you schemes for concealment of income by Bulgarian politicians, which were revealed precisely through these public declarations, which you call seir.

In fact, Mr. Trifonov, is not a seir, but an overriding public interest. You have lawyers, let them explain that this is a legal term. And it means that there are figures in our society for whom the personal field is somewhat limited. Not because seir should be done, but because personal morality does not guarantee the absence of dependencies, for the sake of which the interest of other people can be violated.

Frankly, I wouldn’t care much about what you own if you weren’t a politician (albeit an unconventional one, from the couch) and expressed no desire to rule me. But the moment you yourself decided to become a politician, it is proper to obey the law. And it’s fine for me

to make me wonder if by any chance there is anything impure in your affairs

And if I find it out, to report it to society, which has an interest in you keeping everything clean.

By the way, you probably do not know, but in the USA every year the president undergoes a mandatory medical examination. And because of the overriding public interest, the results of these examinations are public, regardless of what disease it is. Because society is obliged to know whether it is ruled by a healthy or a sick person. Otherwise, it can also become a seir, it’s true.

You said you paid your fine. But you were a little mistaken that you were checked precisely because you did not submit a declaration. The fine is for the failure to submit. And you would only be checked if you submitted this document. Otherwise, for the disclosure of a very large part of the information to the relevant authorities, criminal charges will have to be brought against them.

By the way, the fact that KPCONPI does not say how much leva it fined you, nor how much the other politicians were fined, because it protects personal data, is again a violation of the public interest. It is even a matter of public interest whether the fine was paid with ITN’s money, which is my money as a taxpayer, or with your personal money.

Yes, a fine is a way to get out of complying with the law. Just like someone will get away with shoving 50 quintals at a police officer to avoid drug testing him. But the result will be some spoiled child. In your case run over – law. And I remember, Mr. Trifonov, that it was you who insisted on legality and transparency in your show for years. Well, it’s kind of unmanly to get swept off your feet now, when you’re on the bride’s side, is it?


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