The latest Russian T-90M tanks have arrived at the front

A composition of the latest Russian tanks T-90M “Breakthrough-3” was sent to the front line zone in Ukraine, the world media reports.

The advanced combat vehicles were sent for direct participation in the military operations at the front.

To date, these unique combat vehicles are capable of successfully hitting almost all types of targets, and the effective protection of these tanks makes them less vulnerable to any type of attack, including modern NATO-standard ATGMs.

According to Russian military correspondent Andrey Rudenko, the Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to saturate the forward areas of the contact line with the latest types of weapons, and the tanks captured in the video have been sent to the HVO zone.

The exact number of the latest T-90M Proriv-3 tanks sent to the NVO area remains unknown and was not revealed for obvious reasons, but video footage shows at least four combat vehicles loaded onto rail platforms.

“T-90M Probiv-3 is brought to the front. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is saturating the forward parts of the contact line with the latest types of weapons, and this is very good, ‚ÄĚsays Russian military commander Andrey Rudenko.

It should be noted that so far there are no official statements about sending these tanks to the front, but this military equipment has already been used in the zone of the special military operation.


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