The last race of the year was like a metaphor for the whole season. And I’m glad it’s over

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell; photo: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton failed to finish the final race of the 2022 Formula 1 season. For the first time in his career, the seven-time world champion ended a racing year without a win. However, he has found positives in the past ten months from pre-season testing to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“I believed until the last race that we had a chance. I think it’s important to hope and just keep working. I did my best. But this race, the last of the year, was like a metaphor for the whole season. And I’m glad it’s over,” Hamilton commented

“Of course, it would have been nice to get a win (in the season). But one success isn’t really enough, is it? This year, the first fifth place felt like a victory. Then the first ranking in fourth position – the feeling was like a victory. The first podium felt like a victory. Second places felt like we had really achieved something. And I hold on to those results.”

“This year was definitely not great. But I think that 2011 was the most difficult for me personally. Just my life then… 2022 is in my top three worst seasons. But it was a stronger year for me, for my way of working with the team, how we all stayed united. So I can take a lot of positives from this year,” Hamilton added.

At the start of the race in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton collided with Carlos Sainz. There was a slight bump, his Mercedes bounced and went over curbs. Lewis then claimed there was some sort of problem with the car.

“The floor was badly hit. I lost some speed, and in such a situation the balance practically shifts forward. It’s like they put something on the front wing and I had to wait for the pits to do something about it. Overall the car was difficult to drive this weekend. In the end there was a problem with the hydraulics and I dropped out,” explained Hamilton.

George Russell finished fifth in the race, in which he received a 5-second penalty for a dangerous exit from the pit.

“This race could have been remarkable, but today we maybe got more things wrong than we got right. Overall, we didn’t have a good enough pace during the weekend. We tried, but it was one of our toughest races of the season,” Russell said

This race brought us back to reality after the enthusiasm in Brazil – on a track that suited our car far better. “Today just highlighted something we all know: we have a lot of work to do in the winter,” added George.

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