The last 12 months of Putin’s rule are passing

The successful strikes against ships of the Russian fleet Sevastopol, among which was the new flagship of the fleet, showed for the umpteenth time that Russia is not at all ready for waging a modern war.

Its intensification after each defeat, like those in Crimea, leads to new war crimes that aim to stop, literally, the lives of the civilian population.

This only strengthens the already global feeling that Russia can fight “successfully” not against the Ukrainian army, but only against women and children.

In the minds of the few literate generals in the Russian army, the thought that the war is lost is already clear.

Putin is also largely aware of this. He silently watched how from the Right Bank of the Dnieper (Dnipro), the rest of the professional soldiers in small numbers were transferred to a protected place, mercilessly replaced them with young guys and old drunkards who have no combat experience and hundreds of them a day go into plastic bags.

In order to strengthen the sense of the inevitability of the catastrophe, the Gauleiter of Kherson ordered to start evacuation on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, in a so-called “15 km zone from the river”, starting yesterday.

This means not only that the Russian units will soon disappear from the Right Bank, but that they are also preparing their retreat to the other side of the river, at least 15 km away, where they can try to entrench themselves temporarily.

It is on this “temporary” that Putin relies. Because he knows that a mass retreat from Kherson will be the decisive event in this war: if the only regional city captured by the aggressors falls, the regime falls too!

It seems that all this is already felt by the propagandists, even in the main mouthpieces of the propaganda – the national TV channels.

For the third time in the last week, invited experts speak openly and frankly about the failure of the so-called A special military operation and for the minimal chances of a Russian victory in the war. They declare themselves categorically against the bombing of civilian objects and critical infrastructure, as well as against the results of fake referendums in four Ukrainian regions.

I find it hard to believe that this happens by accident, due to poor selection of guests in the studio, for example.

To me, these changes in propanda, plus some others that will be discussed below, clearly speak of tectonic processes that warn of an impending shift in power strata in the near future.

Exactly what they will be is hard to say. There are already rumors that Putin is preparing to hand over power on New Year’s Eve (as he took it on another New Year’s Eve), opening the way for political suicides like the young Patrushev, say.

According to others, the changes will come due to the fact that Putin no longer holds power firmly in his hands anyway. And there are no shortage of signals that she is slipping away from him.

People of insignificant status in society, such as Prigozhin, a former chef of Putin and a recidivist with two criminal convictions, but today the owner of the private army “Wagner”, as well as the Chechen terrorist Kadyrov, easily imposed on Putin the replacement of his close friend General Lapin, as if it were a child’s game.

Putin did not find the courage to stop their brazen intervention. Or he uses them to discredit the Russian army, on which he is preparing to throw all the blame for the failure of the war.

This display of weakness, or meanness, towards the military will cost him dearly.

So he digs under himself.

Both Prigozhin and Kadyrov are trailing tens of thousands of armed men who are far more trained than the Russian army soldiers.

Putin realizes that, apart from the Federal Security Service, no one else would stand firmly behind him today.

In general, the broth of the future civil war is already brewing…

Perhaps the time has really come for him, Putin, to go “for treatment” to China and disappear from the political scene?

Before it’s too late.

For him and for me…

That back in February I wrote that these are the last 12 months of his administration!

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