The “Hushes” with their children returned to Narodniy, Chocho’s Kateto the highest

The “Hushes” with their children returned to Narodniy, Chocho’s Kateto the highest

“Long live Bulgaria!” once again made the audience cry in the three-hour performance “Hashes”, which returned to the National Theater after a five-year absence.

Cheers, hugs from the audience for the actors at the end of the performance and a tearful director Alexander Morfov, marked the first date of the series of days until the end of the year in which the play will continue to be performed.

“We are coming back with the original actors, after some time there may be a change in the cast, I don’t know yet,” said Morfov.

Some time ago, the children of the actors took part in the production, and this time they were also among the main actors in the play. Katerina, the daughter of the late Chocho Popyordanov, was the most grown up of all.

In the role of Makedonski from 2013, Deyan Donkov took the place of the late Chocho Popyordanov, Stoyan Alexiev was replaced by Marin Yanev as Bruchkov’s father, and Hristo Petkov is the godfather instead of Zahari Baharov. The absence of Hristo Mutafchiev was felt in the performance, but his “White Horse” sounded almost all the time in the performance.

Dimitar Rachkov, who was one of the Romanians, was also missing from the old team. Now the role is performed by Vasil Draganov, and the other Romanian is the talented Teodor Elmazov. In the role of Dimitro, which was performed by Plamen Peev (already in Petersburg), Ivan Savov entered. The candidate for deputy Evgeni Budinov also did not participate in the show. He was replaced by Leart Dokle.

Another missing person was the actor Valentin Tanev, who watched his colleagues in the box, as he returned the previous day from a complex operation in Israel.

Some of today’s lines were also changed, from one character to another, but it didn’t meaningfully change the performance.

The cult production was the main priority in the concept of Vasil Vassilev, who a few months ago won the competition for the troupe’s director. The immortal play by Ivan Vazov based on the story “Nemili-nedragi” will continue to come to life on the stage on September 15, October 20 and 29, and in addition to it, other old productions are returning to the Narodniy. As the main director, Alexander Morfov will define the repertoire of our first scene, together with the director Vasil Vassilev.