The gypsy king closes another trilogy in his style – with scandals and thunderous rants

Tyson Fury wouldn’t be Tyson Fury if his matches were all about boxing, with chosen phrases and in the spirit of diplomacy.

No, that’s not Gypsy King style. On Saturday, he will face Derrick Chisora ​​in the ring at London’s Tottenham Stadium – arguably the most modern stadium on the planet – in defense of his WBC heavyweight title.

Fury heard a series of reprimands for the match. The first came as he announced his retirement from boxing following his victory over Dillian Whyte in April, but suddenly “changed his mind”. According to critics, the change in decision came because of the $25 million, which is Fury’s guaranteed fee for the match. In recent days, the sum of 26.95 British pounds has been discussed at length. This is the price of a paid subscription individually to watch the match in the UK.

We in Bulgaria will watch paint on MAX Sport 2 HD.

Fury lashed out at these writings in the mainstream media.

“All of them can do one thing,” Tyson said.

He then called on the critics to… make French love to him, to put it mildly, but – we assure you, his words were the rudest possible call for it.

Saturday’s show starts at 9:30 p.m., and the two are expected to begin their match around 11:35 p.m. ET.

For Fury, this will be match #33 in the professional ring, and he has yet to lose. For the third time he is going against Chisora, whom he defeated in 2011 at “Wembley” and in 2014 again in London (ExCeL Arena). Now the trilogy will be completed.

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